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    Artist Feature: TwoFifteen

    +Artist Feature: TwoFifteen
    Powerful, emotional, aggressive hard rock from Milwaukee band TwoFifteen.

    Artist Feature, Vol. 3: Draztic Attacks It!

    +Artist Feature, Vol. 3: Draztic Attacks It!
    Draztic keeps pumping 'em out! Here's his third collection of hip hop club bangers and other massive hits.

    Secret Show! One Night Only!

    +Secret Show! One Night Only!
    Chaser Eight, The Good Fiction, PowPow, SMB Project, and Static in Verona headline this compilation of contemporary indie rock.

    Artist Feature: Ivan Ives Vol.2

    +Artist Feature: Ivan Ives Vol.2
    Ivan Ives delivers a new batch of hip hop tracks. This time around, he's blended other genres into the mix, including Dubstep and 80s synth pop.

    Artist Feature: Child On Fire

    +Artist Feature: Child On Fire
    Child of Fire delivers a list of melodic pop metal tracks, sometimes with screamo vocals, and tackles a whole slew of subjects, including fighting for what you believe in.

    Artist Feature: Wiseguys And Scallywags

    +Artist Feature: Wiseguys And Scallywags
    Wiseguys and Scallywags. Punk rock. Dig it.

    Artist Feature: The Lost Pines

    +Artist Feature: The Lost Pines
    Austin’s The Lost Pines deliver a sweet and poignant collection of old-time Americana with heavy bluegrass, folk and country influences, all wrapped tight with superb harmonies.

    Heavy Rotation 3

    +Heavy Rotation 3
    The heavy guitar riffs keep on coming in this third collection of hard and alternative rock

    Flavor in Your Ear 3

    +Flavor in Your Ear 3
    Number three delivers club bangers and flavorful R&B jams from Grand Prize Winners from Last Year; O.D.; and Young L.O.R.D.

    Artist Feature: CKG

    +Artist Feature: CKG
    A hard hitting collection of upbeat hip hop, club tunes and a touch of R&B from Chicago writer, producer, artist CKG

    Artist Feature: Den

    +Artist Feature: Den
    Los Angeles band DEN has a sound that's described as being hit by a grand piano filled with sprinkled donut holes, then scraped off the pavement by your grandmother's pet raccoon. Rock and/or roll in a combination of many forms.

    Four Chords and an Attitude

    +Four Chords and an Attitude
    Punk rock acts The Berettas and Under Influenced only have four chords, but they know how to use them.

    1-12 of 83 Discs

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