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Artist Feature, Vol. 2:  The Return of Draztic

+Artist Feature, Vol. 2: The Return of Draztic
Draztic is back with another collection of anthemic club bangers and down tempo, introspective hip hop ballads.

Artist Feature: DJ Puzzle, Vol. 2

+Artist Feature: DJ Puzzle, Vol. 2
An eclectic collection of electronica genres including breakbeat, electro, house, dubstep, tribal techno, rocktronica and ambient from Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle)

Flavor In Your Ear 2

+Flavor In Your Ear 2
Another collection of flavorful R&B and Hip Hop jams from Darnel Alexander, CKG, One Son, RapRebel, Wunda845, and Wordsmith.

Sun Kissed 3

+Sun Kissed 3
A collection of feel-good , indie, folk and sunshine infused pop from Coldspring Drive, Matt Melodious Coe, and Mike Sullivan.


Cain and Abel; City of Ghosts; Hail Archer; and HCD plug in and turn it up to eleven! This sonic assault of metal and hard rock may make your ears bleed!

Nomads Of Heart 2

+Nomads Of Heart 2
The return of sensitive ballads and melancholy pop. Featuring Matthew Griswold and Hole World Wide.

Artist Feature: Mr Deagun Jones

+Artist Feature: Mr Deagun Jones
Milwaukee's Mr. Deagun Jones lie, cheat, steal, fight, deal with cheating women and generally keep the party going. Oh yeah... They also play some mean blues.

Artist Feature: Jack The Radio

+Artist Feature: Jack The Radio
Raleigh's Jack the Radio are featured in this new collection of indie blues, alt country, southern rock, soul and indie rock.

I Heart Pop, Too!

+I Heart Pop, Too!
A collection of female-fronted pop songs from Jennifer Andrea, Cassie Boettcher, Debbie Forrest, Sonya Lapensee and Marisa Levy that range from the introspective to the grand, and cinematic.

Artist Feature: Ringer T

+Artist Feature: Ringer T
A strong collection of folk, pop, indie and alt country with lyrics about life, love and the future from Nashville's Ringer T.

Artist Feature: The Siege Perilous

+Artist Feature: The Siege Perilous
An eclectic and uplifting collection of rock and indie pop song blending in elements of electronica, funk and country

Artist Feature: The Halfbreed Lovers

+Artist Feature: The Halfbreed Lovers
A collection of dramatic, emotional, psychedelic alternative rock and indie songs from El Paso's The Halfbreed Lovers

1-12 of 68 Discs

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